Oil & Gas Training Courses

The Oil & Gas training courses are designed to have extensive hands-on learning on high fidelity simulator to enhance your knowledge & skills. It is not only providing holistic learning of process, automation, asset and operational safety, but also cover the operational aspects of processes to build a strong foundation knowledge. The Oil & Gas Training Courses are in form of Oil & Gas Production Training, LNG Production Training, Offshore Production Training, Subsea Operation Training & Liquefaction & Refrigeration Training.
Simtech Oil & Gas offers 10% discount on base course fees to students on provision of valid student identity.
If you would like to enrol in a group of 4 or more people in a public course, we offer 15% discount on base course fees to each participant and arrange a special course for a group, on request.
We can provide you the discount code by mail if you are interested as individual or come in a group. Contact us to get discount on Oil and Gas Training Courses

Oil & Gas Production Hands-On Training

The Oil & Gas Production training course is the most practical and comprehensive course in the Oil and Gas industry. The emphasis of this course is on Oil & Gas separation, Gas dehydration and export, Oil treatment, stabilisation & export, Produced water treatment, Water & Gas injection at both onshore and offshore facilities. In addition to the engineering aspects of Oil & Gas production facilities, practical operating problems will also be covered, excluding emulsion treatment, sand handling, dealing with wax and asphaltenes, lube oil etc. Oil & Gas Production Courses cover Offshore Production Training, Gas Processing Training, Glycol Regeneration Training, Oil Production Training in respect to Production Engineering, Plant Operation, Process & Automation.

LNG Production Hands-On Training

The course is designed to have hands-on experience on how things work in real world. The objective of the LNG production training course is to give the participant’s the possibility to operate and understand a typical LNG production facility. The high fidelity process simulation model reflects the behaviour of a real plant, which allows for holistic learning of realistic process operations. The participants will learn about process, automation, safety and operational aspects of LNG production by following the most efficient concept of learning, ‘Learn by Doing’. LNG Production Training Courses cover Gas Pre-treatment Training, Amine Regeneration Training, Gas Dehydration Training, Mercury Removal Training, HHC Removal Training, Natural Gas liquefaction Training and Refrigeration Training in form of Production Engineering, Plant Operation, Process and Automation.

Online Training for Oil & Gas Production and LNG Production Fundamentals 

Simtech Oil & Gas offers Online Training for Oil & Gas Production Fundamentals and LNG Production Fundamentals for half or one day to introduce the fundamental concepts of Oil & Gas Production and LNG Production facility. This online training will provide flexibility, affordability and ease of gaining industry knowledge. Explore Online Training


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