Technical Consulting

Simtech Oil & Gas offers wide range of Technical consulting services to upstream Oil & Gas and LNG Projects. We offer specialist technical consulting services to fully capitalise on targeted prospects by reducing technical risk & optimizing technical decision during both field development and operation phase of projects.

The principal concept of offering these consulting is utilising Dynamic Simulation as a powerful tool and adopting philosophy of identify, analysis, design & verification to minimise technical risk, maximise utilisation of resources, have safe and optimum production and realisation of timely return on investment.

Technical Consulting - Simtech Oil & Gas

Dynamic simulation is the most realistic platform to have insight of process, instrumentation, control and safety of facility and provide the integrated environment to realise how concepts will work for greenfield projects and to understand the physical phenomena of operating facility to identify scope of improvement, recognise the root cause of limitation and design, develop, implement & verify the solution to envision maximum potential of brownfield projects.

Our specialist technical consulting is based on industry standard transient simulation software:

  • Process simulation software K-Spice®
  • Pipeline simulators such as LedaFlow® & OLGA®

Technical Risk Management

Technical Risk Management - Simtech Oil & Gas

Field Development Specialist Technical Consulting

Simtech Oil & Gas offers an exclusive knowledge & expertise to deliver high fidelity, rigorous customised solutions to have decision support, optimum facility design, uniform facility knowledge base across various disciplines.


The Specialist Technical Consulting Services are in form of

  • Dynamic Simulation
  • Flow Assurance
  • ICSS Integration & Check-out
  • Operation Readiness

Dynamic Simulation

We offer specialist dynamic simulation studies for following purpose

  • Design support & Verification of the Process
  • Control strategy development and testing
  • Facility design response evaluations
  • Overpressure (HIPPS) Protection
  • Compressor control and surge protection
  • Load sharing and Capacity control
  • Facility design response on emergency situation
  • Liquid surge & overpressure
  • Flare capacity validation
  • Sizing and operation of slug catchers & subsea production systems based on Integrated Subsea and topside model

Flow Assurance

Simtech Oil & Gas offer cost effective high fidelity insight of subsea system covering following Flow Assurance aspects

  • Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Slug analysis & Liquid Management in pipeline network
  • Slug-catcher Sizing & Pigging
  • Advance Thermal Analysis
  • Solids Management (Wax, Hydrates)
  • Corrosion/Erosion Analysis
  • Compositional Tracking Analysis
  • Single Component Modelling (CO2)
  • Overpressure Protection Studies – Line pack
  • Facility start-up after shutdown
  • Detailed Well Modelling (Start-up, Shutdown, Well stability)

Our clients will definitely realise following Values of our Services

    • Thorough understanding and knowledge of offshore processing
    • Better understanding of offshore environmental effects on operation
    • Reliable process and control design
    • Better safety system design
    • Efficient and more meaningful HAZOP of design
    • Verify control philosophy early in the design phase
    • Minimisation of technical risk at the high influence phase of Project and that leads to Engineering & Economic success of projects
    • Confidence in deliverable of the stage will ensure certainty on preceding stages

Control System integration & ICSS Checkout

Simtech Oil & Gas offers an exclusive expertise of integrating Dynamic Process model with Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) simulate to create an environment to utilise the simulator for variety of purpose and make use of concept of Operator training simulator (OTS) to a handy and the only system, which is replica of production facility.

This integrated Process and ICSS environment is the best to utilise for ICSS FAT as it is safe, efficient, realistic & economic test environment to validate the implementation of

  • Control Logic
  • Shutdown Logic
  • Start-up sequences & Compressor Logic etc.
  • Interlocks & Override provisions
  • Operator graphics
  • Alarm System
  • Trend System

These Services will certainly results in

    • Robust implementation of control design
    • Reliable safety implementation
    • Shorter and safe commissioning
    • Pre-tuning of controller before start-up
    • Ensure Plant robustness
    • Early validation of safety, start-up and maintenance provision

Operation Readiness

Simtech Oil & Gas offers different of operation readiness consulting services for operation and commissioning team to better prepare for safe start-up and optimum production with minimum environmental footprint.

We partner as a consultant in developing comprehensive training and skill development program, validating SOP’s, reviewing start-up requirements, pre-tuning of controller, gain scheduling and run mock drill of facility commissioning and certainly detail facility (Process Automation, Safety) & Emergency training to different discipline on single platform to be prepared for actual commissioning and handle any emergency situation during start-up and operation phase.


With our rich experience of dealing with Customised facility simulators, we ensure you to have maximum utilisation of the system during operation phase and make real outcome of your investment in these system through the life of field.

Our Clients will definitely realise value in form of

    • Fast and Smooth start-up
    • Stable and safe operation & Increased uptime of production
    • Confident and well trained personnel for safe operation, less environmental footprint and handling emergencies
    • Single platform for Process Facility, Control and field training
    • Reduced operational risk and enhanced facility integrity
    • Better contracting for offshore commissioning

Operation Optimisation

Simtech Oil & Gas offers an operation optimization with exclusive consulting services by first replicating the current operation scenario and demonstrating the scope of improvement.

We would certainly like to get every opportunity to hear operational challenges and offer you service at our best.

Our Dynamic simulation based operation optimization services are in in form of reduction of chemical injection to offshore, better liquid management, Gas lift analysis, scheduling of production wells to maintain hydraulic profile of system, Compressor performance and Analysis, Designing, developing and testing of changes before their implementation on real plant etc.


Our approach to achieve our partners goal of operation optimization will start with replication, analysis, solution, implementation, & verification by dynamic simulation before adaptation by operation team.

Our clients will realise value proposition from our services

    • Robust solution for operational challenges
    • Minimise Environmental impact
    • Decision support on critical operations
    • Better scheduling and Planning for both offshore and onshore processing
    • Low risk plant modifications

Simtech Oil & Gas also offers Project Management Consulting Services for Simulator requirements on Oil & Gas and LNG Projects.