LNG Production Training Perth May17

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The course is designed to have hands-on experience on how things work in real world. The objective of the LNG production training course is to give the participant’s the possibility to operate and understand a typical LNG production facility. The high fidelity process simulation model reflects the behaviour of a real plant, which allows for holistic learning of realistic process operations. The participants will learn about process, automation, safety and operational aspects of LNG production by following the most efficient concept of learning, ‘Learn by Doing’.

Schedule: 08-May-2017 To 11-May-2017
Location: Perth, Australia
Instructor: Piyush Patel Piyush Patel is an Oil & Gas professional with over 13 years of experience in Process Engineering, Production Technology, Project Management, Technical Consulting and Sales & Marketing.
Piyush has experience in both developing and delivering simulators (for Subsea production, Oil and Gas processing & LNG production facilities) and designing and conducting training, along with specific expertise working within the following project areas:
> Dynamic Simulation Studies
> Flow Assurance
> Gas gathering and processing facilities
> Gas compression for transmission and gas re-injection
> LNG facilities
> Oil Gathering, Processing and Transportation
> Pipeline systems
> Subsea (Oil and Gas) installations
> Floating production, storage and offloading facilities
> ICSS checkout
> Operation readiness studies
> Training Course development
> Operator Training Simulators
> Well Simulation
> Engineering Simulators
> Real-time Production Assurance System
> Virtual Flow Metering System
> Pipeline Management Simulators
> Comprehensive knowledge about Process Dynamic Simulation Software, (K-Spice, LedaFlow, Olga and HYSYS), along with competent exposure of ICSS packages (Foxboro & Triconex, DeltaV, Centum & 800xA)

Key Learning Objectives

  • What is LNG, why it is produced?
  • Understand the overall process of turning natural gas into LNG
  • The basics of natural gas conditioning and liquefaction
  • Learn the concept of Integrated control in LNG production
  • Recognize how safety is designed and implemented to have safe production
  • Learn about different Liquefaction processes
  • Understand the dynamics of each unit operations and their interaction
  • Discover the interaction of DCS with process dynamics
  • Analyse operational aspects of LNG production
  • Learn about key gas processing equipment, like compressor, compressor control, heat exchanger etc.

Course Content

  • Inlet Separation
  • Acid Gas Removal
  • Amine Regeneration
  • Gas Dehydration
  • Regeneration Gas
  • Natural Gas Precooling
  • Heavy Hydrocarbon Removal
  • Booster Compression
  • LNG Liquefaction
  • Propane Refrigerant Compressor
  • Mixed Refrigerant Compressor
  • Propane Condensers
  • Mixed Refrigerant / Propane Chillers

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