Oil & Gas Training and Competency development

Simulator based Oil & Gas Training and Competency Development courses are designed to have practical experience on how things work in professional world by following the most efficient concept of learning, ‘Learn by Doing’.

Oil & Gas Training - Simtech Oil & Gas
Simtech Oil & Gas provides simulator based hands-on training and mentoring to develop the holistic knowledge of upstream Oil & Gas and LNG operation. This training program is suitable for students and trainees as well as experienced personnel in several disciplines including chemical and process engineering, petroleum engineering, automation engineering, production planners, operators and operation support staff.


The high fidelity simulator is based on digitally modelled representations of the behaviour of process equipment, sensors, and logic systems. The simulator features High Fidelity Process and Utility models (typically found in an upstream oil and gas and LNG facility), generic Distributed Control System (DCS) & safety system, Alarm system and easy to use high-resolution graphical interface. The different process and utility sections of the simulator are capable of performing the required functions of relevant process facilities controlled by generic Distributed Control System (DCS) & safeguard by safety system. These simulations demonstrate the real-life experiences trainees will encounter in the field.

The training program is designed to create an informative environment for expanding knowledge and experience within areas such as:

  • Develop Facility knowledge
  • Understand the dynamics of each unit operations and their interaction
  • Learn the concept of Integrated control
  • Recognize how safety is designed and implemented to have safe production
  • Discover the interaction of ICSS with process dynamics
  • Analyse operational aspects
  • The purpose and functionality of a shutdown system
  • Troubleshooting and analysing
  • Identifying ways to optimize production

The following training courses are available:

  • Oil & Gas Production
  • LNG Liquefaction
  • Liquefaction
  • Offshore Operation
  • Subsea Separation & Processing

Simtech Oil & Gas offers standard public courses designed to enhance the professional skill-set of your chosen discipline for everyone to meet industry expectations. Explore scheduled Oil & Gas training courses.


In addition to public training courses, Simtech Oil & Gas also offers in-house training courses to meet your workforce competency requirement at your convenience. Contact us to get more details about In-house Simulator based Training Courses.