Liquefaction & Refrigeration Hands-On Training

The Liquefaction Training course covers the heart of LNG production. It only focuses on the refrigerant and liquefaction part of overall LNG production. The course also includes discussion and relevant details of different liquefaction technologies available in the market. The simulator is having generic liquefaction process to understand the process, automation, safety and operability aspect of liquefaction part.

  • The basics of LNG gas conditioning and processing
  • Selection and evaluation processes used to dehydrate natural gas, remove heavy components and other contaminants, and extract NGLs for LNG plants
  • Fundamentals of propane, propane-precooled, mixed refrigerants, and cascade systems used in LNG plants
  • Compressor control and drive control.
  • Process instrumentation and control around liquefaction and refrigerant systems
  • Heat & energy integration around liquefaction
  • Solutions to operating problems and control issues in LNG and gas processing facilities
  • LNG Liquefaction
  • LNG Sub-cooling
  • Propane Refrigerant Compressor
  • Mixed Refrigerant Compressor
  • Propane Condensers
  • Mixed Refrigerant / Propane Chillers
  • LNG Expander

The training course is designed to put your knowledge & skills in practice. This technical course is aimed at:

  • Engineers (Process/Facility, Petroleum, Automation, Maintenance)
  • Designers
  • Operations Personnel
  • Field Supervisors
  • Project Managers

basically all those involved with the selection, designing, installation, evaluation, or operation & management of natural gas processing and LNG production facilities. In fact, anyone interested in a solid technical understanding of the principles of a LNG plant.

The Simulators utilised as a main instrument in the training courses are based on high fidelity dynamic simulation software K-Spice® from Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies. K-Spice® is a dynamic process simulation solution designed for detailed simulation of Oil and Gas processes and control systems.


The simulator features High Fidelity Process and Utility models (typically found in an upstream Oil and Gas and LNG facility), generic Distributed Control System (DCS) & safety system, Alarm system and easy to use high-resolution graphical interface. The different process and utility sections of the simulator are capable of performing the required functions of relevant process facilities controlled by generic Distributed Control System (DCS) & safeguard by safety system.The simulator models high-fidelity modules that accurately reflect the behaviour of a real process. These simulators are designed especially for learning and training purposes. The models are robust and accurate over a wide range of operating conditions and is able to run both in real time and faster than real time. The simulator is an excellent visual aid to help enhancing the learning experience, and is designed to create a safe and informative environment for expanding knowledge in an effective way. Training can be set up for varying degrees of difficulty and adapted to target specific skills. These simulators demonstrate the real-life experiences trainees will encounter in the field.

  • Basic knowledge of gas processing, controller tuning and unit operations
  • Understanding of thermodynamics and phase equilibrium principle
  • Basic knowledge of Heat & Mass transfer, Fluid mechanics

As an exclusive provider of simulator-based hands-on training courses, we offer you unparalleled experience, learning resources and highly experienced qualified instructor to help you get the most from your skill development goal. Our unique blended learning techniques, which includes learning with your own experience on how things work and highly informative instructions, help you to achieve training objectives for individuals or your entire workforce.

  • Extensive hands-on simulator based training
  • Computer per participant
  • Morning & Afternoon tea/coffee with snacks and light lunch
  • Course material


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